Q: Why can't I trade certain items? A: We don't accept items worth less than $0.20 and certain low quantity items that have manipulated prices.

Q: How do you price your items? A: Our prices are based off of what the skins sell for on the steam marketplace. If the items are too expensive to be sold on the steam marketplace we base them off opskins prices.

Q: Is there any chance I can get scammed with your website? A: Nope! You can confirm the trade on steam before you accept it to make sure you are getting exactly what we offered.

Q: What does "Overstock" mean? A: If an item is Overstock it means that our bots currently have too many of them and we are not accepting any more until some get traded away.

Q: Can I get a better rate on my trades? A: Yes, add to your steam name.


#1 Login to the site through Steam

#2 Set your trade URL if you did not do it already

#3 Chose the items you would like to trade from your inventory, this wil result in some items in the bot's inventory being clickable.

#4 Wait for the mobile authentication and accept the trade.